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Since the beginning of 2011 CLSRM Digital brings you music like House, Techhouse, Techfunk and Breaks. In the → release section you can buy all tracks and find some previews. You may also enjoy the → videos. As a giveaway find some DJ mixes in the → download section. Have phun!

Carsten Keller – Smoky Air

Carsten Keller – Smoky Air (+ CR Rmx, CLSRM Digital 005)Since middle of the 90s Carsten Keller is musician and composer for electronic Pop Music. With the German-singing Electro band “garbo” he released the EP “laut sprecher” in 2002. 2005 the EP “coverworks” was following under his synonyme “T.O.N” on his own imprint schaltkreis which is also well known through the releases of chaos:digital and urban electronic poetry. Weiterlesen

Claas Reimer – Addicted

Claas Reimer – Addicted (CLSRM Digital 004)With this five tracks Claas Reimer continues the sound on CLSRM Digital in 2013. From ass shaking Tech House up to Oldschool influenced Breaks and Electronica he comes again with his typical mixture of slamming rhythms and deep basslines combined with atmospheric and spacy sounds to make your day. Weiterlesen

Claas Reimer – Dreamz

Coming up in the beginning of 2012: Dreamz is a small artist album showing a range from stompers for the club as well as some deeper stuff right for starting your day or relaxing after work.

Once again Claas Reimer is combining Oldskool and Nuskool skills and building his special kind of atmospheric soundscapes for your pleasure. Weiterlesen

Claas Reimer – Nevermind

Nevermind features 3 tracks of house, tech house and electrobreaks from the german DJ and producer Claas Reimer. Again he shows his typical style by using futuristic space sounds, jazzy influences, driving beats and boomin basses.

Claas Reimer is known for several productions in earlier years on No Respect Records, Virtual Recordings and Important Records and in the latest past on Basstard Records, V.I.M. Records, Mad Music Recordings and Primal Mood Music. Weiterlesen