Carsten Keller – Smoky Air (CLSRM 005)

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Since middle of the 90s Carsten Keller is musician and composer for electronic Pop Music. With the German-singing Electro band “garbo” he released the EP “laut sprecher” in 2002. 2005 the EP “coverworks” was following under his synonyme “T.O.N” on his own imprint schaltkreis which is also well known through the releases of chaos:digital and urban electronic poetry.

From 2004 he is composing music for many commercial audio-visual media projects, working for brands like Puma, Daimler, The German Cancer Association, Sebastian, Vidal SASSOON, Novartis und many others. With the dance theatre production “Pop Eye” he won the dance price of the “SK Foundation” from Cologne.

Now Carsten Keller comes up with an extraordinary EP on CLSRM Digital. “Smoky Air” is serving an intelligent mixture of genres where each track is emotive, dreamy and melodic on its own way but without missing the rhytmic component. With “Testify” he even offers a smashing bass banger. On top Claas Reimer added a more floor-orientated remix of the title track.

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