COMING SOON! Carsten Sommer vs. Claas Reimer – Collaborations (CLSRM 010)

Putting together both artists different likes, influences and talents resulted in a bunch of border-crossing melodic and floating tracks from Downbeat and Breakbeat as well as Deep House, Tech House and Progressive.

Releasedate: 6th December 2019

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Some collected feedback

Great collaboration work with eclectechtic electronic music! A quality album including various styles perfectly performed with fantastic flow in between them! Beluga and Surprise are my favorite as also Smoky Air, while Underwater Fear goes directly to my bag for the electronica breaks sets! Big ups! Favorite Track: Carsten Sommer vs. Claas Reimer – Underwater Fear

Deeply Unexpected (Deep Garnet Records,  Ricochet Records)

Supported! 5/5. Favorite Track: Carsten Sommer vs. Claas Reimer – Helium

Dj Dialog (Mixtropolis Mixshow, UMFM 101.5 FM Winnipeg Canada)

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