PREORDER NOW! Claas Reimer – Heartbeat (CLSRM 012)

Claas Reimer delivers again a bunch of fresh tracks with a minimal approach, combining cool rhythms with melodic, funky, dub, jazz and space elements. With his album Heartbeat he is offering a wide range from groovy Tech House to slamming Techno and Electro as well as some deeper and chilled pieces of Electronica. Both suitable for listening at home and for the use in the club.

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Releasedate on Bandcamp: 20.20.2020, Stores: 24.02.2020

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Some collected feedback

Downloaded for Lello B. Thanks. Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Heartbeat

Lello B.

Great stuff here. Obsolet & Coast Guard are my favs. Thanks for sending! Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Obsolet

BORKA FM (RUNE Recordings, Diesel Recordings, Heideton)

I think this is a superb work Claas! My favorites in order are Space Rangers with its futuristic aesthetic, Coast Guard for the cunning breaks style and Obsolet for the dark feeling, Crackle and Hum due to the smoky dubness, Gadgets with its cozy electronica, Tiger with the electro goodness and Starlight for the finest exodus! In general this album is such a perfect performance of your multi talent! Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Space Rangers

Deeply Unexpected (Deep Garnet Records, Ricochet Records)

Some really dope Electronica and Tech stuff here. will support and play for sure. Favorite Track: Claas Reimer – Space Rangers

Pale Penguin (Mecanoplastica Records, Diablo Loco Records, Deep Garnet Records, The Scientifics)

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